HGH – Role, Side Effects, Long-Term Risks And More

HGH or human growth hormone is produced by the human body to activate tissue growth. During adolescence and childhood, HGH plays a role in major physical developments. During adulthood, the hormone helps maintain health. With age, the level of natural HGH production decreases. Using techniques to artificially increase HGH count in the body can reverse aging effects.


Order hgh pills todayThe pituitary gland makes natural human growth hormones in adolescents and children, which helps stimulate bones, muscles and cartilage to rapidly grow during the development years. With maturity, the hormone production level comes down but doesn’t completely stop. The smaller levels of HGH in an adult’s bloodstream helps promote the growth required for maintaining organs and tissue.


Not all people have optimum levels of HGH, especially for their age. This could be due to illness or injury, such as a tumor in the pituitary gland. For restoring growth and maintenance, these people could get themselves injected with synthetic HGH steroids. The increased hormone level courtesy the HGH steroid elevates the amount of muscle and bone build up and reduces body fat. Individuals having deteriorated muscles, thanks to AIDS or HIV, at times buy human growth hormone steroids or human growth hormone steroid for restoring their lost muscle mass.

Supplements Stimulating HGH Release

Though synthetic HGH can be received through injections, HGH supplements are a much safer alternative and highly recommended for individuals who are just starting with increasing their HGH levels. Let’s take a look at some of the HGH tablets (human growth hormone tablets) or hgh pills (human growth hormone pills) that aid with synthetic HGH stimulation. There is no best HGH supplement or HGH for sale. Your mileage may vary as per your needs and body condition. Therefore, buy HGH accordingly.

• Glutamine

In 1995, a study was conducted to learn the impact of glutamine human growth hormones supplements on hormone release. Healthy individuals consumed 2 grams of amino acid glutamine some 20 and 45 minutes post a light breakfast comprising juice and toast. According to observations, the participants experienced major improvements in hormone results during both phases.

• Arginine

Arginine is an amino acid that could have a positive influence on hormone secretion, as per a 2004 report on sports nutrition. During the testing, arginine’s ergogenic potential was reviewed. It was concluded that the amino acid stimulated the hormone results by limiting somatostatin secretion. Somatostatin a hormone responsible for inhibiting hormone release. In addition, the review also disclosed that 12 to 30 grams of arginine is required for boosting the hormone levels.


Researchers looked into the influence of the A-GPC or alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine compound on the release of growth hormone, as per a 2008 research on sports nutrition. Participants were administered a placebo 90 or A-GPC 90 minutes before doing weight training. The growth hormone levels of the subjects were noted down prior to and post exercise. Scientists observed the A-GPC group had substantially enhanced growth hormone results in comparison to the group that was given the placebo.

Side Effects

Artificially increasing growth hormone levels using human growth hormone supplements tends to augment muscle mass similar to what can be achieved with anabolic steroids. In healthy individuals, the hormone’s side effects, unlike steroids, aren’t as severe. The adverse effects still remain; patients have been found reporting several side effects – ranging from pain and swelling in muscles and joints to serious issues with different organs, which includes the liver and heart. Excessive levels of the hormone could make some organs and tissues grow abnormally or in excessive proportions, resulting in physical deformities relating to the hands and face. Those who buy HGH online or buy human growth hormone online or take advantage of hgh pills for sale or human growth hormone for sale seasons end up using the hormone excessively, or not as per doctor advise. This leads to increased cancer risks, as the hormone stimulates cells to develop at a much faster pace.

Multiple studies have determined HGH efficacy and likely side effects. The studies found out there were multiple milder side effects with using HGH supplements. Those included swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain. The bigger side effects entailed a spike in diabetes and glucose intolerance among male participants. The female participants didn’t develop such conditions. However, they could have suffered from edema – a fluid retention condition that leads to swelling. All negative effects, which includes diabetes, vanished a couple of weeks or a month post treatment discontinuation.

The long-term side effects could vary. For instance, a study printed in July 2002 kept more than 1800 patients in the United Kingdom under observation. They were administered HGH during early adulthood and childhood for various reasons, during 1959 and 1985. It was found the patients significantly increased their risks of cancer mortality, especially from Hodgkin’s disease (a lymph system cancer) and colorectal cancer. An isolated study put out in August 2004 reported HGH production by the cells of breast cancer eased out cellular growth, which could be more than enough to make breast cancers turning metastasize and invasive.

HGH use could cause an increased diabetes mellitus risk in acromegaly patients, and individuals with augmented growth hormone output. Acromegaly patients have a higher hypertension risk as well, which could result in heart disorders and premature death.

In some men, HGH could cause breast enlargement issues. A study conducted in 1993 assessed the connection between growth hormone (insulin-like), alterations in adipose mass and lean body mass and negative HGH treatment effects. The study involved 83 healthy adults divided into a couple of groups – one group administering HGH and the other group ingesting placebo. It was noted the continuous HGH treatment was linked with higher chances of breast enlargement or gynaecomastia, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

There’s also the possibilities of needle contamination when taking HGH injections. A contaminated or non-sterile syringe could cause cross contamination relating to diseases like AIDS/HIV and hepatitis.