Lose Weight The Hollywood Way With Clenbuterol

Hollywood diets come and go nearly every day. In fact, there are so many fad diets on the market that its become difficult to pick just one. One of the latest fads to hit the Hollywood market is Clenbuterol. According to media reports, oral Clen steroid, Clen tablets and Clen pills are very effective in causing weight loss. The same media reports also stated that top Hollywood stylist Rachel Zoe was using the drug to maintain her waif-thin look. Her celebrity clients like Lindsay Lohan and Kate Bosworth were also supposedly started on Clenbuterol steroids resulting in their waif-thin, size zero appearance. But you and me are not Hollywood stars and we have a healthy skepticism regarding all fad products and fad diets. Yes, we do want to lose weight and we want to know whether Clenbuterol steroid can cause weight loss and whether we can use it as well.

About Clen Steroids
Order clenbuterol todayClen is short for Clenbuterol and it is used to treat breathing disorders like asthma. Although the effects are similar in humans, Clen was primarily intended to treat breathing disorders in horses. One of the side-effects of CB use is fat loss and weight gain. Clenbuterol is also not clinically a steroid as it belongs to the beta-2 agonists group of drugs ( albuterol, optaflexx, etc.) The primary effect of these beta-2 drugs is to to activate beto-2 receptors present all over the body. When the receptors are activated, a range of actions take place. A majority of these receptors are located in the smooth muscles of the lungs. When it is inhaled or eaten, the drug causes the lung muscles to relax resulting in a wider breathing space and relief from asthma symptoms. At the same time, the drug causes an effect called repartitioning which results in fat loss and weight gain by activating beta-2 receptors present in voluntary muscle cells and in fat cells. When the drug is given to humans, it causes activation of the muscle cells and burning up of the fat cells.

Getting the Maximum Amount of Clenbuterol weight loss
Clenbuterol does work to cause weight loss. As a starting point, novice users can start with 20mcg per day. This can gradually be increased to a maximum dose of up to 100- 140mcg per day. Most users recommend trying a two week on followed by a two week off steady cycle. In this cycle, you will start with a low dose and then increase the dose rapidly everyday to a high dose of 120-140mcg. This high dose is maintained for two days and then tapered off rapidly in the same way. This cycle is very strong but it cause a sustained loss of fat. However, side effects are seen more with this cycle. Users can also try a longer cycle of sustained use in which a steady incremental increase is done over 2-3 weeks. The dose starts at 20mcg and then increases in week two to 30mcg and so on. The dose is also tapered off in the same way. This results in a low dose, but high maintenance cycle that results in a much higher amount of weight loss.

Where to Buy Clen?
Clenbuterol is not illegal and you easily buy Clen online. Make sure you buy Clenbuterol from a reliable site and ensure that the product is manufactured in the US. You can also buy Clenbuterol online from pharmaceutical websites, bodybuilding forums, and supplemental websites. Most of these websites offer Clenbuterol for sale at discounted rates. If you find a really good deal on Clen for sale, buy in bulk and you will get a higher discount.

The Bottom Line
The drug does cause weight loss and it is used by bodybuilders to trim fat off their body and ensure weight gain. As a result, the results are proven and you can rest assured that you will lose weight with the supplement. However, a word of caution; Hollywood starlets spend a ton of time on their body and face and they have a range of supportive staff like nutritionists, physicians, dietitians, etc. helping them to lose weight safely. You and I do not have that luxury. As a result, we do recommend that you read up on Clenbuterol tablets and Clenbuterol pills and how they work. Please do talk to your physician before starting the drug in case you have chronic medical conditions. Find out just how much Clen weight loss you can expect and the side-effects associated with the regimen. If you are satisfied with your research, you can go ahead.