Is Anavar From Anabolic Steroids Family?

Anavar steroid has seen its good and bad days both. There was a time when it got extremely popular owing to its miraculous abilities but then several bodybuilders who tested positive in several international competitions brought disrepute to it. To answer the question that brought you here – Yes, Anavar belongs to the anabolic steroids family. Anabolic steroids are associated with many abilities that are necessary for our regular body functions. These include increasing protein in skeletal muscles and helping in development of masculine characteristics like body hair. These steroids have been in use for medical purposes since 1930s.

If you are looking to buy Anavar for the first time then here is something for you to know. Anavar is the brand name of oxandrolone. Till 1989, the drug was sold under the brand name of Anavar. Then the company stopped producing it further. Later, the production was begun by another pharmaceutical company in 1995 when it succeeded in clinical trials.

Applications of Anavar steroids
Order anavar todayAnavar is used for quicker muscle growth in people suffering from several disorders. Since the natural ability of the body is not enough to recuperate under the disorder, it is imperative for the doctors to prescribe Anavar to their patients. This drug is very useful for HIV (AIDS) patients as well. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) causes a person’s immune system to weaken. Patients suffering from diseases like osteoporosis have also been observed to benefit from this. As you must know, osteoporosis is caused due to weakened bone mass. This leads to weakened bones which crack or fracture even in routine movements or insignificant trips and falls. Oxandrolone has partial success in these situations.

The drug is also known to work well for anaemic patients. Anaemia is caused when the blood has a shortage of red blood cells (RBC). This shortage leads to decreased ability of the blood to carry oxygen which further causes several other dysfunctions. Its symptoms include feeling exhausted even without exercising, weakness and shortness of breath. The drug is also useful for patients suffering from angioedema, an inherited life-threatening blood disorder. Patients suffering from angioedema face sudden swellings of face, genitals, and airways.

Other than its medical uses, Anavar is also used for fat loss, performance enhancement, and muscle growth. During weight loss cycle, a person loses the important tissues of the muscles as well. However, the idea of weight loss is to shed excess body fat and retain lean mass of the muscles. Anavar tablets and Anavar pills may help you achieve this. This phase is called the cutting phase. The intake of this drug has to be complemented with regular exercising and training.

It is used for performance enhancement because it helps increase muscle strength which can be further used to enhance overall ability. The drug helps in reducing retention of water in the body thus further helping you get a lean figure without compromising with the strength. The negative effect of oxandrolone on liver is lower when compared with other drugs of the same family. It does not affect the production of another growth hormone testosterone. Thus, it is quite tolerable by the body.

The FDA has put this drug under controlled substance because of its possible abuse by amateur bodybuilders and athletes. It is strictly advisable that you consume Anavar under the guidance of a medical practitioner or an expert. Prolonged use or overdose can lead to imbalance of cholesterol levels, acne, liver damage and many other problems. You can buy Anavar online as well if you are sure that you are not being scammed. The seller should have good reputation of proper delivery of the product after the payment has been made. There have been cases when the buyers were duped of their money by crooked sellers.
Before you look for Anavar for sale, you should understand that proper dosage and consumption under proper guidance would help you balance most of the side effects. The best thing about anavar is that it can be used by females as well without facing any of the major side effects.

Finally, whatever form you take, Anavar tablets or Anavar pills, you should act responsibly and get the best out of this steroid.