Should You Use Anadrol To Build Muscle?

Bodybuilding is difficult. Athletes have to work out 24-7, eat well and then work out some more to ensure that they get in top shape for competition season. But no matter how much you workout, sometimes its really not enough. Your body refuses to put on more muscle and you are left frustrated and angry ; not knowing what else you can do to gain muscle mass. This is where a good bodybuilding supplement like Anadrol can help you out. Anadrol is a high-intensity steroid that can ensure weight gain and muscle mass formation.

About Adrol 50
Order anadrol todayThe steroid was first retailed by Syntrex under the brand name Anadrol 50. Also know as Oxymetholone, the supplement was designed to treat conditions like osteoporosis, anemia, joint pains, etc. Inside the body, Adrol seemed to improve the nitrogen balance inside the body provided the athlete ate a sufficient amount of proteins. Due to the increased amount of nitrogen in the body, muscle cells were able to replicate faster resulting in a huge boost in muscle formation. At the same time, the steroid also seemed to influence formation of blood cells by increasing the secretion of erythropoietin (a hormone secreted by the kidney.) However, an interesting side-effect of the steroid was that it caused muscle mass formation and a ripped overall physique. In fact, users noted an incredible muscle explosion in less than six weeks of use.

Benefits of taking Anadrol steroids
Anadrol steroid tablets are available in 25mg and 50mg doses and it acts very fast. Effects are visible in the first week.
The steroid tends to boost your appetite. As a result, athletes tend to workout more and eat more resulting in faster muscle gain in the first three weeks of working out.
Anadrol causes a huge boost in blood volume. It was originally intended to treat anemia. As a result, it directly influences RBC production resulting in a huge boost in the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood. This results in more muscular endurance and lesser fatigue.
Body builders have reported a muscle gain of as much as 2030pounds on a simple cycle of 4-6 weeks. Most of this has been reported to be lean muscle mass rather than water weight or fat gain.
Apart from muscle mass gain, the steroid also seems to cause an increase in muscle strength. Users have reported a 40% increase in strength due to their use of anadrol.
This steroid also reduces the level of SHBG or sex hormone binding globulin in the body. SHBG sticks to free testosterone and removes it from active circulation in the body. Anadrol can bind to SHBG and lower its level in the body. As a result, the body endogenous amount of testosterone increases resulting in better muscle mass and increased libido.
Anadol is also far better than any other compound on the market like dianabol. It causes a faster increase in strength and size, has a lesser amount of hair loss, reduces water retention, and ensures a lean weight gain.

Buying and taking anadrol
You can buy Anadrol online from any website, pharmaceutical supplier, or bodybuilding website. Most of these companies offer Anadrol for sale at discounted rates if you buy in bulk. You can also buy Anadrol online from individual retailers. Please note that you will find Anadrol steroid or Anadrol tablets in 25mg or 50mg doses. You can start with the 25mg dose for the first two weeks of your workout cycle. Once your body has accustomed to the steroid, you can then increase your dose to 40mg or 50mg per day for the next two to three weeks. Take the dose in split doses to have the best effects. The highest dose you can take is about 100mg per day. However, only experienced athletes can take this dose for a prolonger period of time.

We do recommend that you check with your physician before you take any medication including Adrol pills. You should remember that Anadrol pills are steroids and they influence the human body considerably. As the supplement is very strong, side-effects are common. If you suffer from chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, etc. please do not take this supplement.